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Our Story

A brief history

Back in 2006, the Alberta oil industry was going through a boom, real-estate was on the rise, and office space was in demand. AMJ was steadily gaining momentum by helping company’s with relocations during this time of expansion. Well, we all know what happened next. In 2014, the energy industry took a hit, and many local businesses began scaling back, downsizing their staff, others closing up shop. A truly difficult time for our city and AMJ was there to lend a helping hand. It was during this time, AMJ began taking on more and more unwanted furniture. Most of this furniture was in pristine condition, and it was a shame disposing of the furniture in our landfills. With an effort to conserve, the inventory of used furniture began to grow.

Supporting local business

Every end presents the opportunity for a new beginning. As such, many start-ups began to sprout around our city. More professionals began to contract their services in home offices and co-work spaces. The Furniture Shop was established to support these budding business owners meet their bottom lines and help them find their feet. Other businesses continue to relocate, and The Furniture Shop exists to help companies of all sizes and backgrounds find their groove again.

It’s not about furniture

At The Furniture Shop, we believe in the people behind the desk, the ones who strive to make a difference and follow their passion. It’s about helping those who weathered a long storm find comfort. Those who aim to build connections, find a better way to collaborate. After all, it’s not about furniture; it’s about establishing your office habitat and making your nine to five a better place to be.

Save with your next office move

We are proud to partner with one of the leading moving companies in Canada. Being closely connected, means you get to receive some amazing perks!

Get free delivery of your newly purchased furniture when you book your office move. Experience less downtime with minimal disruptions with after-hour moving schedules. All you have to do is show up the next morning to your new location!