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Arlow Home Office Desk by Artopex

This product has many options and variations. If you'd like to receive more information, receive a quote or place an order, please contact Doug Jasper at 403-204-6253 or

Product Description

Comfort and Ergonomics at Home

This reversible desk with minimalist lines seamlessly combines ergonomics, style, and practicality. Its base with shelves allows you to store many different things. You can equip your desk with a screen riser for a more ergonomic office desk and combine it with the multifunctional pigeonhole which will allow you to work in a standing position.

  1. Commercial-grade laminate for your home office.
  2. Desk dimensions available: 24" X 54" X 29" and 24" X 48" X 29".
  3. Possibility of adding a return to increase the work surface.
  4. Return dimensions: 18" X 36" X 29".
  5. A choice of laminate finishes for the surface and base are available.
  6. Base with integrated shelving on one end.
  7. Great for the Home Office
  8. Additional units can be ordered through THE FURINITURESHOP
  9. come visit our showroom at 1722 118 ave NE, Calgary

          Starting at $599.00

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